Cheese Plate with Condiments

A salt block can be the basis for a stunning cheese display.  We love to put together a carefully selected array of three cheeses on a block, with two or three complementary condiments.  Leave the cheese in wedges or overlap or fan to limit contact with the block.  For the best results, follow these tips:


  • Chill the salt block in the refrigerator for several hours or overnight.
  • If slicing, overlap or fan the slices so that only a small part of each slice is in contact with the salt block.
  • Place liquid condiments and mustard in small, clear glass bowls. Mound thicker condiments, like chutney or jam, directly on the salt block.

Try These Combinations

Soft Cheese Trio:

Brie, Humboldt Fog, chèvre

Condiment ideas: pepper jelly, honey, pear slices

Sheep’s Milk:

Manchego, Camembert, Idizabal

Condiment ideas: quince paste, dried figs, Marcona almonds

Bold Trio:

Truffle Tremor, sharp cheddar, Cayuga Blue

Condiment ideas: honey, chutney, Granny Smith apple slices

Italian Cheeses:

Burrata, La Tur, Piave Vecchio

Condiment ideas: dried cherries, mostarda ( a sweet and spicy Italian condiment made of candied fruit in a mustard-flavored sauce), fig jam

Blue Cheese Plate:

Gorgonzola Dolce, Point Reyes Original Blue, Cashel Blue

Condiment ideas: fig preserve, truffled honey, caramelized onions