Charcuterie Plate with Condiments

A salt block can beautifully present charcuterie, just as it does cheese.  You will need to be more mindful of how you display the meats since many already have salt in their cures.  We like to use small squares of butcher paper or even slate cocktail coasters for a stunning contrast of colors for the charcuterie display.  Try serving fresh bread and good crackers with each of these plate, and cheese is always a good accompaniment.  Follow the same tips as given for the Cheese Plate with Condiments to turn your salt block into a functional display.  These tips include:

  • Chill the salt block in the refrigerator for several hours or overnight.
  • If slicing, overlap or fan the slices so that only a small part of each slice is in contact with the salt block.
  • Place liquid condiments and mustard in small, clear glass bowls. Mound thicker condiments, like chutney or jam, directly on the salt block.


Try These Combinations

Basic Trio:

Prosciutto, country pâté, chicken liver mousse

Condiment ideas: sliced apples and figs

Spanish Ham Duo:

Iberico and Serrano hams

Condiment ideas: Marcona almonds and melon

Italian Charcuterie Plate:

Bresaola, Genoa salami, capicola

Condiment ideas: giardiniera and marinated piquanté peppers

Three Little Pigs:

Speck, mortadella, pork rillette

Condiment ideas: caperberry and grainy mustard

Hot, Hot, Hot:

Soppressata, spicy chorizo, spicy salami

Condiment ideas: cornichon and olives


Excerpted from The Simple Art of Salt Block Cooking by Jessica Harlan and Kelley Sparwasser, published by Ulysses Press.